Veikle Seeds Ltd. has been involved with the growing and merchandising of seed and seed processing business since 1979. We produce certified bulk wheat, pea and lentil seed varieties and sell multiple canola seed varieties.  We strive to meet all of our customer seed requirements and offer competitive prices.


2018 Bulk Seed Varieties

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Green Peas Yellow Peas Lentils Wheat Barley
Raezor Amarillo  Maxim -Red Utmost – Hard Red
*Midge tolerant
Copeland – Malt
Limerick Abarth Connery – Hard Red *New
   Carver *New Plentiful – Hard Red
   Inca *New Landmark – Hard Red *New
Spectrum *New Sadash – Soft White
*Ethanol blend  
Andrew – Soft White

Canola Seed Varieties

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Invigor      DeKalb Brett Young  
Syngenta  Canterra
*pod shattering
74-44 BL 6074 RR 4157 RR
75-45 RR 5545 CL  4166 RR  
*pod shattering
75-65 RR      
L241C *New        
L255PC *New        


*Canola seed varieties can be ordered in minibulks & with seed treatments already applied (lumiderm, jumpstart, fortenza, etc.) so it’s easier and quicker for you at seeding time.