Whatever your preference for fertilizers, we have what you need to promote growth of your inputs. We can customize your blends for any seed or field. For information on pricing or blends email erin@veikleagro.com or ryne@veikleagro.com.

Fertilizer Varieties

dry fertilizer

46-0-0 Urea (Nitrogen)
11-52-0 Phosphate
21-0-0-24 Sulphur – Fines
21-0-0-24 Sulphur – Blend
0-0-60 Potash

liquid fertilizer

28-0-0 Urea (Nitrogen)
10-34-0 Phosphate
15-0-0-20 Sulphur

anhydrous ammonia

82-0-0 (NH3)

Fertilizer Services

We offer a wide range of fertilizer services to make application easy.

Custom Spreading 

Tender Truck (dry fertilizer delivery)

Liquid Fertilizer Shuttle Rental

Single & Double NH3 cart rental

bin program

Do you want to take advantage of cheaper fertilizer pricing but lack the storage or want to get rid of the grain bags in your field?

No problem. We can help with our bin program.

Veikle Agro has teamed up with Meridian to offer long term storage solutions that make it easier than ever before to purchase bulk products or store grain. With no mark-up, no administration fees, and flexible lease and finance options, it’s a perfect time to maximize your farm potential. Ask us about the details or how to sign up for this program.

give us a call to receive competitive pricing on all fertilizer products and services.

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