Everything you need, from chemical and seed treatments, both branded and generic, for every stage of crop development.

Aerial Spraying

We offer Custom Aerial spraying for fungicides, insecticides and desiccation from our airstrip through Battleford Airspray. Come in, map out your fields, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Crops and Pests

At Veikle Agro, we can help identify pests that may be present in your fields and advise you on how to manage disease with the necessary products. To diagnose the condition of your field, bring in a crop and/or soil sample for testing. We will identify any pests and set you up with the products needed to ensure that your crops stay protected and you get the highest yield.

Check your crops regularly and talk to Taylor or Carl about what products you can use to help save your crops. We have a range of products for this application, including Decis, Matador, Pyrinex, Silencer, Lorsban, etc.

SavvyFarmer Resource

If you are looking for information on application rates, which products to use for pests, how to diagnose crop issues, or where to find MSDS sheets, check out the SavvyFarmer website to learn about crop protection.