Certified bulk wheat, pea, and lentil seed varieties and multiple canola seed varieties.

Semi-leafless field pea variety.High protein, green cotyledon. Its intense green color and resistance to bleaching is a strong asset for this variety.
Semi-leafless field pea variety, white flowers, yellow cotyledons, opaque seed coat, and round smooth seed.
Semi-leafless field pea variety, yellow cotyledon. It is a high yielding yellow pea.
Excellent lodging resistance, smaller seed size then Bethune. Best adapted to black soil zones.
Is a high yielding, small red clearfield lentil variety. High yield potential.
This variety was the highest yielding CWRS ever to be requested to date. Extremely strong standability and an exceptional disease resistance package.
It is a very high yielding semi-dwarf CWRS with excellent lodging tolerance and intermediate resistance to FAB.
High yielding midge tolerant special purpose (soft white parentage). Good potential for silage production as well.
Is a new CWRS that offers very high yield potential and good standability. Short semi-dwarf displaying slightly earlier maturity than commonly grown CWRS varieties. It includes a good disease resistance package and produces good grade results

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